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A: Individuals ages 12 to 15 may volunteer with a New Hampshire Youth Work Certificate, and must be accompanied by a parent/guardian that has also completed all of the necessary requirements to be a volunteer and is at least 21 years old.

The first step is to print and fill out our application which you can print here or pick up from our facility during business hours. You will be contacted (via email or phone) after your application has been received and reviewed.  Once you have been contacted, you may then attend a New Volunteer Orientation.  After that you will be required to attend a New Volunteer Training Workshop before your first volunteer shift.  Please understand that we may not have a position for every applicant.

Yes, volunteer hours may be used to fulfill volunteer requirements. We require a three month time commitment from all of our volunteer positions. If your school requirement is less than three months, please contact our Volunteer Coordinator  at (603) 447-5955 or email [email protected]

There may be times when we are in need of help from a group for projects on-site such as yard work or landscaping or other one time projects as needed. If something like this interests you, please email us at [email protected] to discuss project availability. Small groups may consider other off site ways to help such as organizing a donation drive, toy drive, or adoption promotion.

The Conway Area Humane Society is open on the weekends from 8am to 4pm for volunteers.

Although we do strongly encourage applicants to commit to two hours each week, we do offer monthly opportunities for individuals who are unable to commit to a regular schedule.

More questions? Call our Volunteer Coordinator  at (603) 447-5955 or email [email protected]

Conway Shelter Volunteer w/puppy
Conway Shelter Volunteer w/cat