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CAHS Programs That Help Both Animals and People

Lost/Stray Animal Holding
Many animals jump a fence, bust through a door or just wander away from home.  CAHS provides a safe place for animal control officers and citizens to take both lost and stray animals.  The animals are fed and cared for by CAHS until they are either claimed by their owners or adopted.  Stray animals stay in holding for seven days, and if unclaimed, become available for adoption after all medical needs are met.

Owner Surrenders
Conway Area Humane Society provides a safe, nonjudgmental place for those who can no longer care for their animals to surrender them so that they can be cared for until they find a new home.

CAHS finds forever homes for the animals in their care.  These animals were either local strays, owner surrenders or were transported to CAHS from other overpopulated organizations/shelters.  If an adoption does not work out well for any reason, that animal is expected to be brought back to CAHS so that they can try to find a more suitable home for the animal.

Community Outreach
Conway Area Humane Society provides educational outreach programs to schools, civic groups and the community in the form of informational talks and/or displays.  Outreach efforts include topics such as what we do at CAHS, the humane treatment of animals, safety around dogs and cats, animal related careers and more.  CAHS will also bring comforting dogs to visit nursing homes, schools, etc.

Safe Haven
CAHS offers assistance to those needing to temporarily house their pets in time of an emergency, including domestic violence, fire, flood or medical.

Lifelong Friends
This program looks to connect senior citizens with senior pets.  CAHS offers this service free of charge and commits to take back the animal if the person is no longer able to care for the pet.

Pet Food Pantry
Dog or cat food is available from CAHS during a time of need.  Call to check for availability.

Dog Park
Those with memberships can let their dogs run and play in CAHS’ beautiful dog park, which is located behind the shelter.  It is open during daylight hours with the exception of  8:00-10:00am and 2:00-4:00pm to allow the shelter dogs to play.

Case Assistance Cruelty
CAHS assists when there are cases of animal cruelty in the area by helping to transport, house and care for the involved animals.

Behavioral Assistance
CAHS staff are available to speak with community members who may be having behavioral issues with their pets in order to offer helpful advice and referrals.

End of Life Peace of Mind
In order to give people nearing the end of their lives some peace of mind related to their pets, CAHS will commit to taking care of or finding a new home for those animals upon the person’s death.

Seniors with pet