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Brief History of Conway Area Humane Society

The Conway Area Humane Society opened its doors to phase one in June of 2003 with The Judy and Scott Paul Cat Adoption Center.  The project continued with the construction of the dog facility and the learning center in 2003-2004.  In November of 2009, CAHS affiliated with The Animal Rescue League of NH in Bedford, NH and was called Animal Rescue League-North for 3 years.  This affiliation allowed the Conway shelter to gain stability while continuing to do its important work.  In December of 2012, the affiliation with ARL ended, and the shelter once again became the Conway Area Humane Society.  In 2018 added the new Ham Foundation Wing, which provided new staff offices/space, a conference room and a dog playroom/Event Education Space.  In 2019, CAHS opens its new Community Events Enrichment Room.  CAHS has placed over 10,000 animals into their forever homes since opening its doors.   CAHS is a non-profit animal shelter offering many services that benefit both animals and people in Carroll County, NH and beyond.

Mission Statement

Conway Area Humane Society is committed to the human-animal bond:
Encouraging it through education and animal adoption
Protecting it when threatened by violence, disaster or medical emergency
Respecting it when broken by death.


Conway Area Humane Society is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization.

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