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Do you want to go to the dog park?
Just wanted to share a funny story. I was at the dog park today (Cody loves it!), and there was an older woman with a Pomeranian. The young dog had been in four homes by the time she got him, but has worked out well and she absolutely loves to go to the dog park to run and play with the other dogs. One night at 3 a.m. the dog had to go out. She put her in her fenced yard area, but forgot to latch the gate and the dog got out. It was of course pitch black and the woman was frantic, crying thinking she would never get the dog back. She suddenly had a thought and called out to the you want to go to the dog park? The dog went flying back into the house as she knew what this meant.
I've met a lot of seniors there who want to get their dogs the exercise they need but who cannot do hikes, etc. The park is really a godsend to them and its so great they take the time to get the dogs out there. - Anitta Burroughs

Pleasures and Benefits of the Dog Park

With the coming of spring the activity in the dog park increases immensely. Having the park so available to us in the Conway area is a privilege for owners and dogs alike. The benefits are equal for owners and dogs. I have been a part of this scene for nearly three years and never been disappointed - except perhaps when snow or mud drives us away. My dog was a rescue at age two and I am convinced that he never had human or animal friends before coming to live with us. He has gained many friends at the park and become a much better companion for fellow dogs and also for humans. The socialization opportunities at the park are endless - not just for my boy Jake but for me as well. I am constantly learning what helps him and he is becoming comfortable in most surroundings as a result of his time in the park - a place where he can run free, unleash pent-up energy and play endlessly.
Come to the park often and meet some of the nicest people and dogs in the area. Enjoy!
- Suzanne