Intake Info: I was surrendered because I did not behave around the cats in my previous home.

Do I get along with cats? No.

Do I get along with other dogs? Yes, I walk and play with dogs at the shelter everyday.

Do I get along with kids? I am nervous around them as they move very quickly and can be unpredictable so I would be better in a child-free environment.

More Info:

Stella appears very barky in her kennel at the shelter because she does not like the barrier of the kennel gate between her and her people. However, she is extremely sweet and she relaxes and does much better when she can have contact with people. Stella is affectionate once at ease and loves to play with all sorts of toys!! However, her toy play time must be supervised because she is extremely toy destructive. Stella is not used to being left alone for long periods of time and might bark when left alone. She is also used to sleeping on the couch at night and loves car rides. Stella is extremely house trained and will bark to let you know that she needs to go out to go to the bathroom, however, she has never been crate trained. Stella loves to go out for walks and sniff her surroundings and would benefit from a harness. She plays with dogs her size at the shelter and loves going for long hikes/walks. She has an adorable wrinkly face and loves to smile- please do not let her barking fool you, she is extremely sweet!